Our Mission

The mission of the Markham Woods Church Adventurer Club is, through a variety of hands-on activities, to develop in the church’s children a lasting respect and love for God, for family, for others, for the church and for nature.

Joining is Easy!

The Markham Woods Adventurer Club is open to young people in grades K-3 who meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • One legal guardian of the child is a member of Markham Woods SDA Church.
  • (OR) the child and his/her legal guardians are not Seventh-day Adventists.

What is the Cost?

It's Free!

Many organizations “nickel and dime” their members nearly to death. Markham Woods Church seeks to be an exception. As part of its overall philosophy "Free for Everyone", the church does not charge for most activities, including Pathfinders.

There are several reasons for this:

  • First, it’s a pain to always be collecting money at church social and recreational events.
  • Second, we don’t want our activities to only be enjoyed by the “Haves” and exclude the “Have Nots” from participation. If we charged, some people wouldn’t be able to join in.
  • Third, it’s more efficient just to give money to the Church Budget than to pay for the services provided by the church, because money given to the church is tax-deductible. To provide these activities, we maintain, license and insure two buses, a chuckwagon, an equipment trailer, two 10-canoe trailers, a twelve passenger van, and a pickup truck. We provide all transportation, food, tents, camping equipment, camping fees and activity costs for at least six campouts. Nothing is ever truly free. Someone pays. Our approach simply ensures that it’s paid in the most efficient and most inclusive way possible. Please continue to support our Church Budget. Thank You!

When We Meet

Our regular meetings start in late August and continue until April. We meet about twice a month on Wednesday nights from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.


Markham Woods Adventurers do not wear the traditional Adventurer uniform, nor do we give out any honor patches. Our Adventurers are given a club T-shirt at the beginning of each year, and they are expected to wear it at EVERY Adventurer meeting.


Markham Woods Adventurers go on one campout per year (weather permitting) toward the end of March. We typically meet at the camping location on Friday afternoon around 5:30 pm and depart on Sunday morning after breakfast. Adventurers must camp in a tent with their legal guardians.

Our Leaders and Volunteers Rock!

Edna Riley

Charlene Pritchard

august 2020

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september 2020

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Adventurer-age children are discovering their own identities, developing values and expanding their horizons in a variety of ways. The Adventurer Club offers an experience beyond church and school that is both unique and appealing, and that for many may not be available anywhere else.

The Adventurer Club utilizes hands-on activities, geared specifically for this age group, to provide experiences and develop skills that will be beneficial throughout life.

  1. Instill spiritual and social values.
  2. Teach children both individual and team skills.
  3. Develop in each child a sense of self-worth and self-reliance.
  4. Create a bond of friendship and respect between children and adults.
  5. Ensure a sense of belonging–to the Adventurer Club, to the Markham Woods congregation and to the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.
  6. Inspire a desire to serve others.
  7. Promote a love and respect for nature.
  8. Instill a sensitivity for the feelings of others.
  9. Teach personal responsibility and self-control.
  10. Encourage children to transfer the skills and lessons learned in Adventurers to the family, school, church and community setting.