We are Markham Woods Church of Seventh-day Adventists, a community focused church organization that wants to help you get closer to Christ and live a life worth living.

What We Stand For

Markham Woods Church seeks to be a place of grace. It’s a family that welcomes home its prodigal children. It’s a safe house for the spiritually battered. A city of refuge for the condemned. A sheltered harbor. A rehabilitation facility for the despairing. A place where past errors are laid to rest, where hope is born and where new life begins.

Our Statement of Philosophy puts it this way:

“Our church family is not a fraternity for the perfect but a support group for those needing growth. Our goal is to accept people where they are on their spiritual journey, providing an environment where less-than-perfect people can be confident of love, acceptance and forgiveness in a spiritual family.”

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Download PDF To learn more about the mission, philosophy and general goals of Markham Woods Church, please read our philosophy brochure: “A Good Family To Belong To.”

Ten Goals of the Markham Woods Church

  1. Provide worship experiences that glorify God and uplift the human spirit.
  2. Foster a sense of fellowship and belonging among members.
  3. Create an environment where diversity becomes a means of mutual enrichment rather than a barrier between individuals.
  4. Provide ministries for specific age, needs and interest groups within the congregation.
  5. Provide nurture through spiritual instruction and encouragement.
  6. Make training and outreach opportunities available to every member.
  7. Provide a wholistic outreach to the community.
  8. Ensure the financial viability of the Markham Woods Church.
  9. Support Christian education.
  10. Support the global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our Pastors

Doug Hardt

Bio coming soon!

Connor Yonkers

Pastor Connor serves as the Youth Pastor here at Markham Woods SDA Church. He grew up in rural Maryland in the city of Hagerstown, where he was born and raised. He is the oldest of two brothers; one younger and one being a twin. Connor felt his calling while he was working at the Review […]

Andres Palacios

Pastor Andy Palacios serves as the Family Life & Young Adult Pastor of Markham Woods Church and temporarily serves as the interim Senior Pastor. Andy felt his calling to be a pastor in the fourth grade and later got his B.A. in Theology at Southern Adventist University. He was later hired by the Florida Conference […]

Our Staff

Edna Riley

Edna has been a long-time member of Markham Woods Church. Edna, her husband Paul and their daughter, Stephanie, joined the church in 1986. Shortly after joining, their second daughter, Sydney, joined the family. Edna has been involved as a volunteer in Sabbath School, Pathfinders and preparing meals at Church Retreat. She joined our staff in […]

Charlene Pritchard

Charlene has been a member of Markham Woods Church since 2008. Her husband Dale was baptized here at Markham Woods Church along with all three of their children, Chelci, Deanna and Jason. Charlene has volunteered in the Sabbath Schools, Vacation Bible School, Church Retreats and Pathfinders since coming to Markham Woods. She joined the Markham […]

Karen Gardener

Karen began working at Markham Woods Church as bulletin secretary 39 years ago, after volunteering in the primary Sabbath School division for the previous 4 years. Her early interest in redefining Markham Woods’ Pathfinder program resulted in 30 years in the Club leadership. Her job descriptions have varied over the years, serving the last two […]

Bonnie Quigley

Bonnie serves Markham Woods Church as musician and Worship Service Coordinator. She plays the organ, piano and clarinet, and accompanies and coordinates other musicians  in service for God and our church. She believes in a wide variety of musical styles and genres for our worship services, to reach each person who attends our church. As […]

Paul Riley

Paul has been a member of Markham Woods since 1986, and began working for the church in 1995. He has been married to Edna for 40 years and has two daughters and two grandchildren. His hobbies include golf and rooting for any Boston sports team.