The Philosophy of Markham Woods Church

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At the Markham Woods Church, we live by a philosophy of grace, belonging, empathy and unity. We are Christ centered, and want to imbue His traits and examples to our members and visitors in all that we do. Our mission statement document, which can be read online here, lays out who we are and what we strive for as church leaders, and as a church congregation. If you are a visitor, you are welcome as you are. Come and enjoy fellowship with the Markham Woods Family. Markham Woods Church of Seventh-day Adventists - "it's a good family to belong to."


Online Children's Classes

Starts at 10:10AM

Sabbath School for Ages 4-K
Meeting ID: 836 6567 5145
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Password: 758944

Sabbath School for Grades 1-3
Meeting ID: 202-183-367
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Password: MWC2020

Sabbath School for Grades 4-5
Meeting ID:857 8307 8774
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Password: MWC2020

Sabbath School for Grades 6-8
Meeting ID:714 693 5932
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Password: MWC2020

Online Adult Classes

Starts at 9:45AM

Sanctuary Sabbath School
Meeting ID: 999 537 1795
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Password: 444691

Starts at 10:10AM

(To get into any of these classes please contact the leader)

The Good News - Contact

Another Look - Contact

The Open Book - Contact

Connections - Contact

Young AdultClick to Join or dial in at 650-781-0564
(If you have any questions regarding Young Adult Sabbath School, please contact Krystal Myers at 937-371-9439)

Meeting ID:830 0116 4142
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Password: 197043

Food for the Heart Bible Study with Jennifer Schwirzer, LPC
Meeting ID: 656 079 5097
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Password: None required

A Good Family to Belong To

Everyone is welcome at Markham Woods Church. If you’re a long-time, baptized, active Seventh-day Adventist, you’re welcome. If you’re not a Seventh-day Adventist but feel blessed by fellowshipping with us, you’re welcome. If you lead out in a major ministry of the church, you’re welcome. If you just warm the pew, attend only occasionally and never officially join, you’re welcome. Our goal is to minister at whatever level and to whatever degree you feel a need. We don’t want you to dread coming to church because you feel you’re not playing a large enough role. We want you to participate in a manner appropriate to where your life is presently.


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