Worthy Student Fund


The Markham Woods Church of Seventh-day Adventists strongly supports Adventist education. We seek to ensure that all members who are committed to sending their child to an Adventist elementary school are able to do so. Each year we pay tens of thousands of dollars from Church Budget as tuition subsidy for the students of church members who attend area Adventist elementary schools. This significantly lowers tuition costs for all our members. However, some families face severe financial difficulties, making additional subsidies necessary. Accordingly, the Church Board has established a Worthy Student Fund to help meet this need for children in grades 1-8. It is funded by voluntary contributions and is not part of the Church Budget. Grants from this fund are awarded by the Finance Committee.

As a congregation we believe that Adventist education is worth a financial sacrifice. Thus, the Worthy Student Fund is designed to bridge the gap when, despite significant sacrifice, a family still doesn’t have adequate funds to meet tuition costs.

Typically, a Worthy Student grant provides only a supplement to the financial contribution being made by the parents, and any financial assistance received from the school, government agencies or any other source will be taken into consideration. Because of limited funds, the Finance Committee must at times make difficult decisions concerning how to allocate its available resources. Denial of a request or granting less than requested indicates nothing about the validity or magnitude of the need.

To receive a Worthy Student grant, parents must submit an application, stating the amount of assistance they are requesting and outlining briefly the nature of the financial difficulty they face and their long-term plan for recovery. Applicants must also meet the following criteria:

  • Markham Woods Church is listed as their home church with the school.
  • They are regular attenders of Markham Woods Church (at least an average of twice a month).
  • The children for whom they are requesting aid are in grades 1-8.

No grant automatically continues for the next semester. Since the Finance Committee does not know in advance how much money will be in the Worthy Student Fund later in the year, grant allocations are reviewed at the end of the first semester and may be changed if necessary. Likewise, no grant automatically continues for a second school year. Before the beginning of school each fall, all grant requests must be resubmitted.

All information provided to the Finance Committee will be held in strict confidence. In fact, usually the name of the applicant isn’t shared with even the committee–just the details of the need and the amount requested.

Markham Woods Church seeks to fulfill the apostle Paul’s admonition to “bear one another’s burdens,” recognizing that today’s donors may be tomorrow’s recipients and vice versa.