Newborn-Grade 3

Markham Woods Children’s Ministries


Statement of Mission

The Mission of Markham Woods Children’s Ministries is, through developmentally appropriate spiritual and service activities, to instill in the church’s children a lasting respect and love for God, for family, for others, for the church, and for nature.


Statement of Philosophy

Between birth and eighth grade children move from total dependence upon their parents to a high level of autonomy and personal decision-making. The goal is to help children transition into their teen years with confidence, self-esteem, and a solid value system. Throughout this process their world progressively expands beyond family to include the influence of adult role models in their school, church, and community. Also, they increasingly form friendships, face peer pressure, and are affected by various media. To assist the children in establishing their own identities and value system, Markham Woods Children’s Ministries offers age-appropriate programs for Birth-23 months, Ages 2-3, Ages 4-5, Grades K-1, Grades 2-3, Grades 4-5, and Grades 6-8. These programs include Sabbath School, Children’s Church, Sabbath SACs, Vacation Bible School, Youth Outfitters Unlimited (YOU), Youth Church, Socials and a variety of service opportunities. Children’s Ministries also works closely with the Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs.


Statement of General Goals

  1. Introduce the children to a personal knowledge of Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
  2. Provide biblical concepts of Jesus’s love and forgiveness.
  3. Facilitate discussion of moral values, instill sensitivity for the feelings of others and create an atmosphere of openness in which children learn to question and think for themselves.
  4. Foster a sense of belonging to the peer group, to the Markham Woods congregation and to the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.
  5. Provide age-appropriate activities during the church service to reinforce concepts taught from the pulpit and provide a separate monthly church service specifically targeted toward children.
  6. Conduct a Vacation Bible School once each year as a ministry to children within the congregation as well as to children within the larger community.
  7. Inspire a desire for service within the church and community.
  8. Create a bond of friendship and respect between children and adults and facilitate cross-generational interaction.
  9. Develop in each child a sense of self-worth, self-reliance, personal responsibility, and self-control.
  10. Encourage children to transfer the skills and lessons learned in Children’s Ministries activities to their family, their school, and their community.


Guidelines for Children’s Ministry Volunteers

Because we want the best possible environment for our children and youth to grow up in, it is important that those working with children have guidelines for conduct in order to protect both themselves and those under their care. Please take the time to read through these Guidelines for Children’s Ministry Volunteers.


Guidelines for Disciplining Children and Youth

Markham Woods Church is blessed with a large number of children and youth. These young people are important to us, and tremendous amounts of time, energy and money go into providing facilities, programs, and activities for them. As the statements of Mission, Philosophy and General Goals demonstrate, we have carefully considered what we want for them. But we also recognize that, at times, children and youth may try to see how much they can get away with. Our Guidelines for Disciplining Children and Youth provide ten principles will help in dealing with such young people.